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Little Boy's Reaction to Losing His Hot Dog at the Ball Park Is Totally On-Point

Have you ever gone to a baseball game? There’s nothing like it. The excitement of the crowd is intoxicating. Energy flows through you as you eagerly wait for the game to begin. But no baseball game is complete without some snacks. The hot dogs, pretzels, and beer make any game a more enjoyable event. However, holding onto your snacks may be easier said than done. 

In a TikTok video by content creator @espn, the sports media giant showed footage of a kid losing his hot dog during a baseball game. His reaction is too cute. We'd all do the exact same thing.

Watching the little boy put his hand on his forehead is the cutest thing we’ve seen all day. He knew there was no saving it and just had to move on. Let’s see how the TikTok community responded to this heart-warming clip. User @user6798623345220 wrote, “The dad was cool and collected. Didn’t get mad. He knew it was an accident. The film crew should send one over for the great clip!” @brysulinski said, “Someone get that little boy a new dog right now.” @G2Esports❤🖤 replied, “Hot dog with no sauce, and it's cold, and now it was floor dog.” @Steven Williams remarked, “I bet they made sure little man got another one on the house! Love it!”

We don’t know if this little guy got another hot dog, but at least he wasn’t reprimanded for the hot dog rolling away. He’s a kid, and kids drop things. If you enjoyed this adorable moment, visit @espn’s TikTok channel. You never know what you’ll find.

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