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Little Boy's Love for 'Taco Bell' Has Us Seriously Impressed

Do you love Taco Bell? Us too, but no matter how much we all love Taco Bell, we think like a little guy has us beat. TikTok content creator @melissacoleman15 shares her son's serious love of tacos. His sweet little face is just so priceless. 

Who needs a celebrity? This tiny fella should be a paid spokesperson.

He is just so darn adorable. This is how we feel about Taco Bell, too. His request for “hot sauce” is so precious. When he gets a little older, we bet he’ll be a fan of real hot sauce. This sweet child is so sweet and polite, we imagine he still has manners, even when he doesn’t find something as pleasing as tacos! Kudos to his parents for doing such a nice job.

The audience was charmed by this little darling. Viewer @Billy commented, “If @tacobell doesn't find a way to incorporate "woo-wee' that's good" into a campaign slogan, they should change their Ad agency.” We couldn’t agree with him more. Viewer @V“ added, “Oowee, that’s good." I adore this kid.” We do, too. Viewer @ChristyHendricks exclaimed, “I love everything about this beautiful baby boy! His mullet, his manners, just love, love LOVE!!” And viewer @Deneen commented, “You are doing an incredible job with this lil guy. He has more manners than some adults I know.” That’s for sure!

We don’t think this little man could be any cuter. And he sold us on the Taco Bell, without even trying! We can’t wait to see what he tries off the menu next!

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