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Video of Little Boy Taking 'Small Bite' of His Sandwich Leaves the Internet in Stitches

Parents understand that kids have varying appetites. Some kids seem to have a bottomless pit when it comes to eating. In contrast, others are finicky and only graze at their meal. Then other kids fall somewhere in the middle. Kids may have appetites that change with the seasons, but there is one way to get a kid to eat. Eat your food while sitting next to them. A child’s appetite sometimes miraculously appears when mom or dad is eating something. 

In a TikTok video by content creator @thecrunchbros, he shares his son trying his best to take a big bite out of a sandwich. We weren’t ready for this adorable kid’s biting effort. Could he get any cuter?

The way he tried his best to get more food into his mouth was too funny. He thought he was going to make a big bite like his dad. Our hearts are full after watching this video. Let’s see if the TikTok viewers enjoyed it. User @Erin McGee said, “Toooooo cuteeeee.” @Vernal67 revealed, “I love how he is developing a healthy relationship with food and that you guide him. I wish I had this.” @❦ wrote, “@Ula he eats with so much passion.” @Amanda replied, “That wrinkled nose. So cute.” @💖🖤Tay🖤💖 disclosed, “So big, yet so small. LOL.” @Banana split wrote, “The biggest bite I’ve seen small. LOL.” @元気ですか joked, “Bros face when he is eating.” 

Yes, this little boy really liked his sandwich. We hope he enjoyed every bite of it. If you liked this wholesome clip, visit @thecrunchbros’ TikTok channel. It’s full of family-friendly content you need to see.