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Little Girl’s Genius Chopstick Hack Has People Totally Captivated

Asian food is a favorite food for many of us. It’s not just about Chinese food, as Japanese, Korean, and Tai food are also part of the American diet. While plenty of people eat Asian food with a fork, some of us still prefer chopsticks. However, chopsticks aren’t the easier utensils to use. It takes practice and a lot of dropped pieces of rice before you master it.

In a TikTok video by user @ricecupp, we’re shown an inventor at work! Her young daughter gets creative and makes her own chopstick hack. This is such a great trick, and it’s a wonder no one has thought of it before! Plus, she’s so young to have this burst of inspiration. There doesn’t seem to be any coaching from mommy. She came up with the idea all on her own!

Isn’t she fabulous?! She saw a problem and resolved it! We love seeing little kids being brilliant! Let’s see what the TikTok community said about her hack. User @Justamentallyillcannamom replied, “Kids these days are way too smart.” @lbdogmom remarked, “Future engineer, and she’s beautiful.” @PH1414 joked, “These kids are built differently.” @Sam Lucero said, “Anyone who’s saying she didn’t come up with this has clearly never worked with children before.”

Yes, we agree with you, @Sam Lucero. Children come up with inventive things all the time. Sure, she could have seen it somewhere, as stated by @Agent R, who wrote, “They show this hack on kid's TV shows. That's where she got it from. The internet.” But she still did this by herself when necessary. So, in our book, she’s a very bright young lady.