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Little Girl’s Over-the-Top Reaction to Her Food Is As Relatable As It Gets

Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? You could be out and about shopping, and they’ll say whatever is on their minds. Parents try their best to conceal what’s been said. They might hurry the kids out of embarrassment if the statement is bad. However, sometimes, what a kid blurts out is actually funny. You’ll be amazed because you have no idea where this kid came from or why they’re a miniature-sized comedian.

In a TikTok video by @mymadisyn, her daughter is enjoying her breakfast. But it’s her reaction to what’s on her plate that got everyone’s attention. We literally laughed out loud at this one. People are totally feeling this kid’s elation over her meal.

HA! Our brains hurt too when food is sooo good! Hahaha, Sometimes the endorphins override logic, and we’re in another world with our pancakes. Or maybe it’s waffles. But whatever your favorite breakfast food happens to be, we love when the taste is bussin. TikTok users are totally feeling this little girl’s excitement. User @geeee3 said, “That Mr. Bean smile. LOL!” @Hailey Conaway revealed, “I’ve never related to a child so much in my life. LMAO!” @Yvonne Dreissen replied, “This was the open audition for a great commercial.” 

We can’t get enough of this little darling. In fact, one viewer has this girl’s future mapped out. @lyssa remarked, “That smile! That’s gonna be the smile she gives her husband when he does the dishes cause she said her feet hurt!” That’s not a bad idea. Thanks for the tip. Since we know you enjoyed the video, please head over to the @mymadisyn TikTok channel. There’s plenty of content to brighten your day.