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Toddler's Reaction to Tasty Meal Her Dad Cooked on the Grill Is Beyond Precious

Every chef needs a taste tester. How else are they going to perfect their cuisine? Sure, trial and error works, but letting someone critique a sample is better. In this video from last year shared by TikTok user @bellafoodie, she presents the Korean Galbi (short ribs) grilled by her husband to their daughter Bella. Considering some kids are picky eaters, we’re pleasantly surprised by Bella’s reaction to seeing the meal.

Bella happily picks up the small pieces of short rib in her bowl. After a few seconds of chewing, she gives the sweetest review of her dad’s cooking. “She asks her mom, ‘Why is this so good?” This might be the cutest, most polite child we've ever seen. Watch the video to see Bella’s reaction.

See what we mean? Her “Oh! Are you kidding?” is too precious not to share. TikTok viewers can’t get enough of Bella. User @Anu wrote, “Hey, your daughter is so cute. Mine is turning 2 in two months, but she is a very picky eater. I am tired now. She eats very little. Please help.” User @Pao said, “Thank you for sharing the recipe, Bella.” User @ lillianchung612 replied, “Bella is absolutely adorable! She is very smart, too! By the way, how old is she! Talks so well.”

While the goal of this video was to display dad’s cooking skills, we know Bella’s the real star of the clip. If you’d like to see more tasty recipes, check out the other videos on @bellafoodie’s TikTok page. Don’t worry. Bella’s in those videos, too.

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