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Little Girl's Reaction to 'IHOP' Servers Singing 'Happy Birthday' Is Absolutely Priceless

Birthdays are important to all of us. They're special days that everyone gets to celebrate in their own special way. And oftentimes, going out to eat on your birthday can be a yearly event. It's just so much fun to celebrate with family and friends, plus, it's the one day a year people make a fuss over you. Kids, in particular, love being the center of attention on their big day!

However, apparently not all kids are the same. Based on a viral video that was recently reposted by @basicbriz's every kid has a unique personality. The new clip has over 3.6 million views, and when she posted it the first time, it brought in over 11.6 million. It shows a little girl celebrating her birthday at IHOP, and the servers are singing "Happy Birthday" to her as her special birthday pancake is brought out. Pay attention to the look on her face. It's just priceless.

OMG! Those friends and family would be six feet under if looks could kill! No one expected this adorable girl to loathe the whole birthday song experience. But the people of TikTok can understand. User @Kiké said, “Same girl…same 🙄.” @ Ritta Liyati P said, “She just wanted her breakfast without all that extra stuff. 😂 I feel her.” @ Hazel_puppy! remarked, “😂 the eye roll!”

Perhaps for future birthdays, @basicbriz can consider these suggestions. @Patricia W43 exclaimed, “She wanted to go to Denny’s!” However, @john williama revealed, “This kid was like IHOP, mom daddy? Next birthday, Disney World.” It seems like they might be onto something. Let’s hope that wherever this little girl spends her next birthday, we see another priceless reaction. 

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