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Viral Video of 'Loaded Baked Potato Cream Cheese Board' Has Us in Total Awe

We love charcuterie and butter boards equally, but now it's time for them to step aside; there’s a new board in town and it's looking quite enticing. TikTok content creator @tasty shows us a whole new way to snack with her loaded baked potato cream cheese board. You're going to love everything about this clever idea!

This loaded baked potato board will get your party started!

This innovative idea looks so delicious! This cream cheese board goes with more than just bagels; it’s perfect as a game day or Thanksgiving appetizer, too. Bagel chips, potato chips, or toasty baguette slices would all scoop that seasoned cream cheese up perfectly. To spice up this board, you could add jalapeños to the cream cheese with chili and corn chips on the side, to create a taco dip kind of feeling. Yummy!

We’re also loving the notion of a sweet cream cheese board. Sprinkle on crushed cookies, graham crackers, or drizzle on a little caramel or chocolate sauce. And you could serve it with pieces of chocolate, mini-biscotti, chocolate-covered pretzels, or your favorite cookie. We are drooling now!

The audience were also thinking about the sweet, cream cheese board idea, and viewer @Breanna Leblanc shared, “I make one with cream cheese, Skor (toffee) chips, drizzle caramel, and line it around with cut-up green apples.” Sounds great to us. On the savory side, viewer @NayeliDeVampire commented, "Cream cheese with smoked salmon, everything-bagel seasoning, capers, and red onions. Viewer @𝐿𝐸𝑂 commented, “This looks so much better than a butter board.” We think they all sound amazing! 

However you decide to make this board, it’s sure to become a favorite with your family. We can’t decide on sweet or savory… so we will be making both!