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Hidden Gem Bookstore in London Is Solely Dedicated to Cookbooks

We need to book our flights immediately! This charming bookstore might just be the happiest place on earth for cooks. TikTok content creator @elisadoesthings takes us along on her trip to Books for Cooks in London, and we think it looks like one very special place to visit.

We would spend all day in this store!

How wonderful is this idea? This delightful bookstore is for cookbooks only! If that wasn’t sweet enough, they also have a cafe where they serve a recipe each day, from one of their cookbooks. This might just be our dream job. How great would it be to live near this store? Every day would be a new adventure in eating. Sign us up! We wonder if this store also contains some of those old-school church cookbooks, too. We have a few of those in our collection, with some of our favorite recipes inside. Our grandmothers knew what they were doing in the kitchen and we’d love to see what some of the old recipes would look like from across the pond.

The audience adored this darling store and viewer @user commented, “This is sooooo crazy bc this was literally my dream cafe/book store idea for the longest time. Very happy to know this dream exists!” We hope you can live your dream Stateside one day, we would definitely visit! Viewer @Paige said, “What a dream.” And viewer @TikToker commented, “I want to go there.” Like many others in the audience, we do too!

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of opening a store with this concept, it looks like it would be a huge hit! We hope that one day soon, we will see a store like this near us too!

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