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Popular 'Sunday Roast Burritos' From London Certainly Have People Talking

Here in the U.S., the word burritos usually start the salivary glands into production. But come on. Burritos are delicious because of the cheese, protein, rice, and beans. Ugh, we’re hungry too. However, we’re not the only ones who love burritos. Our friends over in London do too. In fact, they’ve put a new spin on eating burritos.

In a recent video by TikTok user @boopfoodie, we’re shown the British take on a burrito. The burrito may not be for everyone, but it looks tasty to us. One particular aspect of this dish is bringing out the naysayers.

We’re ready to catch a plane and head over there now! Sure, it’s not like the burritos we’re used to here. But variety is the spice of life. Let’s see what the TikTokers have to say about this 10 snack. User @ Kim Chi exclaimed, “ I WANT IT! I NEED IT!” @ Kaonashi disclosed, “I would die for these @elisegalandd.” @blissfulmitch wrote, “This is to burritos what Chicago Deep Dish is to pizza.” User @ioski said, “If my dad ever goes missing, we know where to find him.”

We’re glad to hear so many people want to try this creation. However, not all commenters are happy about the £10 price tag. @Psychicmel asked, “£10 each?” @Rob Harper said, “£10 ripoff.” @Aiesha Hussain said, “£10 for a burrito? The audacity. LOL” However, we think user @CJ says it best, “Y'all being so shocked it's expensive. It's London people.” Hey, prices are high everywhere, folks. That’s why many of us still cook at home.

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