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'Genius' Keto Breakfast Recipe Is the Stuff of Low-Carb Dreams

Breakfast is such a fun meal. Recipes include everything from burritos, cereal, and fruit, to waffles with ice cream. But if you’re on a special diet, sometimes food choices are limited. Luckily TikTok users like @paristexastiktok test out new ideas for their viewers. A new video shows how to whip up a quick yet tasty keto breakfast.

If you’re one of those who don’t enjoy breakfast, it’s okay. This recipe is suitable for lunch, too. Who says breakfast foods are only for the morning? Are you limited on time? No worries. This meal is easy and perfect for on the go!

Now, that’s a breakfast sandwich worth eating. It didn’t take long to make. Plus, you could make two and not feel like you’re cheating on keto. TikTok users @Pnhroche shared, “Thank you for this idea. Eggs were over $3 a dozen today. So, I bought a carton of egg whites for just over $2. I’ll be trying this in the morning.” User @peace_love_and_coffee said, “YES! Thank you, can’t wait to try this!”

Of course, some viewers added their suggestions to make the dish even better. @Rexann Tilson said, “You can directly put the cheese on the maker as well… makes it crispier and more waggle like.” While user @R.N appropriate offered, “Bro, add shredded cheese to the egg. Life changer.” Regardless of what changes you’d make to the recipe, it’s still a neat and fast breakfast idea. It’s also healthier than the fast-food options, which is definitely a huge win.

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