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Easy Recipe for 'Mac and Cheese' Cups Makes for the Perfect Party Appetizer

We could eat homemade macaroni and cheese every single day, for the rest of our lives. However, unless its fried, mac and cheese, usually doesn’t lend itself to being a great party appetizer. TikTok content creator @cookingat20something shows us how to make single-serve mac and cheese cups. And we love them already!

These cheesy cups will be a hit with any crowd.

This is such a terrific idea! Not only do you get individual servings, but each serving gets its own helping of crunchy topping, with all of that buttery goodness. She uses a greased muffin tin to make these individual cups and tells us that adding a paper liner to the cup first can also be helpful. We think using a mini-muffin tin might also be a great option. It would surely increase the buttery crumb ratio, too. Yummy!

She tells us that she makes this homemade mac and cheese by using milk/cream, flour, butter, sharp cheddar, salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning. If you have a favorite recipe for mac and cheese, we think it would work perfectly here, too! You could always top these little pieces of heaven with bacon bits or green onions. If you’re feeling fancy, you could even add a little lobster and truffle oil. Yep, we are going to give that a try for New Year's Eve.

The audience was loving this appetizer idea and viewer @AdamS commented, “I love all ways to consume Mac n cheese.” We haven't found a way that we don’t like to eat it either! Viewer @Nick commented, “Jeez, I gotta try these.” We're feeling that sentiment, too!

We know for sure that we need to make these for a crowd, because if we make them for ourselves, we won’t be able to stop eating them!