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Magical Wine Tasting Complete With Food Pairings Is Casting a Spell on Everyone

Setting off on a magical journey isn’t just for the movies. Getting back into the heart of nature transports everyone to another world. That’s because nature is brimming with energy so often lacking in cities. If you’re longing to rebalance your body, mind, and spirit, perhaps a wine-tasting in the country is for you.

In a recent TikTok video by user @foodiesnitch, we’re shown her visit to the Hiyu Wine Farm in Hood River, Oregon. It’s about one hour away from Portland. During her visit, she experiences the Tavern Tasting. Food and wine never looked so good. We’re booking a trip to Portland, stat!

We feel calm just after watching the clip, so we can only imagine how amazing the real-life experience is. The food pairings may appear small, but we’re positive we’d be satisfied. The combination of a farm, vineyard, and adorable animals has us ready to pack. Other TikTok users want to head to this vineyard asap as well. User @Alia remarked, “Oh wow. I’m in PDX. I will have to check this out. Thanks so much.” @Hazel Malia revealed, “I live in Hood River and didn’t know this existed. LOL! Off I goooo.” @okanada said, “I will definitely check it out.” @R disclosed, “I went once and noted that we were vegan in the reservation. They accommodated with very delicious vegan pairings. Wonderful experience!”

It seems as though this place is too good to be true. The comments from people who’ve done the Tavern Tasting make us all excited to try it. 

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