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Man's 'Surprise Attack' While Having Lunch in the Park Has People Laughing Out Loud

Many of us like to escape our offices and homes for a stint in nature. There’s something so calming about being among the animals. It’s even better if you bring along treats to snack on. Lunchtime in the park is the perfect way to spend your day. However, not all visits to the park end on a peaceful note.

In a recent video by TikTok content creator @willonawhim, we’re taken on along as he sits under some trees and starts eating. But someone decided to choose violence. He was just trying to enjoy his burger. Get ready to laugh out loud!

Now, we know it’s not right to laugh at people’s misfortune. But that video was hilarious. We can’t believe that bird went into attack mode over a PB & J cheeseburger. TikTok is shocked too. One commenter, @madison revealed, “LMAOOOO. A LITERAL JUMPSCARE. PLS, my soul left my body.” User @Black Authors Consortium joked, “Baby, I’m the same way with birds. LOL.” @Mariah Perkins839 replied, “LMAO “no shoes.” Sir, what?” User @Daydream remarked, “I’m sorry, but this was too funny.” Another user wrote, “The dramatic music. Hahaha.” @Ava Joi said, “I could not stop laughing the entire video. From this to the cookout, which had me singing afterward.”

Even though Will tried to talk about the PB & J Cheeseburger, the birds had other plans. Darn those fierce fowl! But if you’d like to see the rest of the video, check out his YouTube channel @willonawhim. In the video, he completes a 24-hour TikTok food challenge. Be ready to take some notes on new places to visit.

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