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Man Tries a Busch Light and Mountain Dew Cocktail and His Reaction Blows Our Minds

If you enjoy lethal libations, you probably like tasting the latest cocktails. Drinking alcohol is such an experience. Depending on the location and event, it can feel otherworldly. When drinking inside a dimly lit speakeasy, the vibes of relaxation permeate the air. But if you’re sitting in a crowded bar, the atmosphere may seem a bit chaotic. However, drinking with friends inside someone’s home gives a festive tone to your night. Yet sometimes, experimenting at home can lead to unexpected concoctions.

In a TikTok video by content creator @100proof_phillip, he shares his decision to combine Busch Light Beer with Mountain Dew. Yes, you read that correctly. This guy wants to do the Dew along with the brew for America’s Heartland. We're going to need to taste this one.

His genuine reaction is the best thing we’ve witnessed all day. He really expected to hate his Busch Light Beer and Mountain Dew cocktail. But he got the shock of his life because he liked it. We have to admit we’re surprised too. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted. User @user2503124296465 said, “Considering Busch light is my go-to beer, and Mountain Dew is my go-to pop, I’m definitely going to try this!” @~❤️~Jessica Lee~❤️~ exclaimed, “You’ll love it!” @immatree4 wrote, “It makes sense it’s similar to a shandy.” @Greg Myers remarked, “Definitely a 10/10. Wife and I just tried it tonight.”

We’re delighted that people are fans of this cocktail. We’ll have to taste it for ourselves. If you enjoyed this video and want to see, more content visit @100proof_phillip’s TikTok channel. You’ll find plenty of videos you don’t want to miss. 

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