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Man Dehydrates Watermelon and The Outcome Is Surprising

Dehydrating food is a technique that’s been used since 12,000 BCE. Yes, you read that correctly. What we’re doing to preserve food isn’t new. It’s been around because it’s a simple way to make your food last longer. What do you enjoy dehydrating? Do you like to dry out fruit? Perhaps you like making your own jerky. Both options are okay with us. Dehydration is fun and doesn’t take much time to do. You’ll enjoy today’s video if you're a dehydrating food fan.

In a TikTok video by content creator @veganrecipes, he shows us how to dehydrate watermelon. We weren’t sure what to expect. But one thing’s for sure we’re on board to test it out. It’s an exciting snack idea.

Those pieces of dehydrated watermelon look so yummy. We would probably eat them all within a few minutes. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers responded to this handy idea. User @Sarah Ahmed joked, “Now it’s just melon. LOL.” @No wrote, “Looks so cool.” @TOKyle revealed, “They sell this in Israel! Really good.” @HowardStrauss34I/me/mine admitted, “You are clearly gifted.” @HYEZOIT asked, “Can you do apple?” @Gaargay Modha said, “Grapefruit or lemons?” @Jake exclaimed, “OMG, do coconut, it's so good!” @BlackFoxG ☑️ suggested, “Chickpeas, I think they would be like a snack.” @Mvrin said, “Dehydrate Dragon fruit.”

We’re glad to see many people have positive things to say about the dehydrated watermelon. We hope he considers the suggestions because we’d enjoy watching him do an apple and Dragon fruit. To stay up-to-date on his dehydration videos, visit the @veganrecipes’ TikTok channel. You might learn something new.

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