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Man’s Hilarious Failed Attempt to Flip His ‘Dolma’ Is Going Viral

Okay, we love waiting for dinner to be ready, even when it takes all day, like on certain holidays. The end result is worth the wait. However, unexpected mishaps may arise. The power could go out if you’re cooking during inclement weather. You may have forgotten a key ingredient while grocery shopping. Whatever happens, it’s crucial to keep on going. 

In a viral TikTok video by content creator @rockyfurrha, we see him in the kitchen about to make his big dinner reveal. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when he’s attempting to flip his pan of dolmas, also known as stuffed grape leaves. He really did try his best, but it wasn’t enough!

Well, at least they didn’t land on the floor! Cleaning up dolmas juice is better than a completely ruined meal. The dolmas still looked tasty to us. Does the TikTok community agree? User @Ę: said, “He did a great job, especially for his first time.” @Desiree replied, “LOL! You did great!” @tae RM wrote, “I smell the food.” User @user5811701665973 revealed, “Wow! I love that food.” @Rayaan🤦‍♂️ joked, “R.I.P. to your hand. LMAO.” @Ri7ik L4cm4ne teased, “I bet the mom does it without the towels. LOL.” @MrBaconKing said, “Enjoy your food.”

He tried not to spill anything, but that serving tray was large. We’re positive the pan was heavy. Don’t worry. We’d still eat those dolmas. If you enjoyed this comical yet accurate video of when the cooking goes wrong, please check out @rockyfurrha’s TikTok channel. It’s full of hilarious content you can’t see anywhere else.  

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