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Man Fries and Egg on an Outdoor Skillet and We Can't Look Away

Have you ever watched other people cook? It doesn’t have to be a famous chef on television or a newbie on TikTok. We’re talking about watching family or friends cook. Seeing how people do the same thing you did in their style is interesting. Even the simplest task, like boiling pasta, might look different when your mom does it as opposed to your best friend. That’s because we’re all unique. In today’s video, you’ll see how impressive a man’s cooking style can be.

A TikTok video by content creator @griseldawalshzpo870 shares footage of a man cooking an egg. It doesn’t like a big deal until you see that he’s using an outdoor skillet. This guy’s superpower is frying eggs.

We can’t believe how fast he fried that egg! The way he swirled it around inside that oily skillet was terrific. We couldn’t look away for fear the egg would go flying. But this man knew what he was doing, and we enjoyed seeing him in action. Let’s find out if the TikTok viewers liked this man’s egg frying action too. User @Ya qi luo bei said, “A good cook.” @giustomurthak wrote, “Wowwwww.” @Yadi Ordóñez Rojas asked, “And what would the water be for? @Mandy7157 observed, “oil is very expensive.” @Allan Salazar Rodrig suggested, “Can also be fried in water.”

Frying eggs isn’t complicated, but it can go south very quickly. The man in this video clearly understood his assignment and excelled at it beautifully. If you enjoyed this video, please visit @griseldawalshzpo870’s TikTok channel. You’ll be happy you did.

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