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Man Imitates the Waiter Arriving With His Food and We Can’t Stop Laughing

Oooh, stomach grumbles are the worst! Nothing seems to induce them more than sitting in a restaurant watching other people eat. Ugh! You’ll try to keep up the conversation with your table companions. But eventually, you’ll spot the waiter carrying a tray. You hope he comes closer. Instead, he goes to the table across from yours. After a few more minutes of waiter spotting, the moment arrives. The food is here! How do you feel?

In a recent video by TikTok user @callmechoko8, our question is answered. We see how everyone feels when their waiter brings the food. Get ready to laugh. This parody is totally spot-on!

Yeah, we couldn’t stop laughing or dancing either. @callmechoko8 really nailed our restaurant experience. The viewers of TikTok are bopping along, too. User @jasonepting admitted, “I watched this so many times!” @Anthony wrote, “This brings me so much joy! The vibe is everything.” @Tiffany Bailey joked, “I cannot! I need a pamper!” Actor @Jay Ellis said, “The unbroken eye contact. LOL.” @ToniRobinFashion said, “The Napoleon Dynamite wig! LMAO.”

We all loved the costumes and acting in this short but comical video. There’s something so positive about the skit. @Ramon Tanner aka Cool Waters, asked, “Is it just me, or is there something lo-key bumping about this song? LOL. I’m all of a sudden happy as hell.” We couldn’t agree more. Let’s hope @callmechoko8 continues serving up funny yet wholesome content. 

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