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Man’s Confession About Just How Much He Loves Food Is All Too Relatable

Spending quality time with that special someone is fantastic. You can take walks together. Cuddling on the couch to binge your favorite show is a must. Plus, sharing a delicious meal makes the troubles of the world dissolve. But sometimes, you go through a singlehood phase. When this happens, life is still enjoyable. However, some activities get altered. Instead of staring intensely into your lover’s eyes, you gaze adoringly at your plate of chicken alfredo. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

In a recent TikTok video, user @izzyimz expresses his love for food. Now, most of us can’t get enough of yummy meals. But his stance on food vs. dating is a bit different. However, we can’t blame him for his opinion. Plenty of people feel the same way!

HA! We know his little dance while eating is adorable. Plus, he seems to be at peace with his situation. But some TikTok viewers aren’t so content with him eating alone. User @Saba Khan asked, “What if the girl makes the good food you are eating?” @Catalina echoed that sentiment, saying, “But what if the girl makes the food? Then technically, she’s the reason for your happiness.” However, @izzyimz responded to the comments with, “I cook for myself. That way, I don’t depend on anyone for my own happiness.”

Many users agree with @izzyimz regarding not depending on someone else for happiness. @chez joked, “Same. LOL. I’ll stick to food. It’s the way forward.” @Faye Loves replied, “Such a vibe, I completely agree!” So, if you’re not in a relationship, that’s your choice. There’s always food. But make sure the relationship you have with it is healthy.

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