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Man’s Hack for Making Ramen in His Car Has Us Sweating With Anticipation

America loves eating dishes from abroad. It’s one of the best things about our country. We value diversity and different cultures. One of our favorite dishes is very big in Japan. Most of you are familiar with ramen noodles. Often, you can find packages of them at a low cost. Plus, they’re easy to cook and go well with added ingredients like vegetables, boiled eggs, beef, chicken, pork, or shrimp. But did you ever consider an unconventional way to make it?

In a TikTok video by content creator @thejoebrown, he’s testing out cooking ramen inside of his car, right on the dashboard. Now, we’ve witnessed people using hot asphalt for cooking, but we haven’t seen anyone attempt it inside of a vehicle! But it’s an inventive idea that leaves no carbon footprint. Did we mention this guy lives in Arizona? If any state lends itself to car cooking, Arizona is it. Check out what happens when he gives car ramen a shot.

Well, that looks like it’s going to be a hit! But we’re dying to see the big reveal! TikTok users are loving his boldness! One commenter, @torixxx117 said, “Your car gonna be smelling good.” @Nic remarked, “Bro really called ramen pasta. Yes, believe it or not, noodles are a form of pasta. But that’s not why we’re watching the video. @Mommymilker100 replied, “Where is part 2? I’m waiting!” We couldn’t agree more, @Mommymilker100. Check out his follow-up video to see the outcome.

We’re sold on cooking in our cars! The ramen noodles looked so delicious. User @Adam Kowalski revealed, “I thought it was going to be soggy and inedible. I’m surprised. @Derek observed, “Everything is always a 10/10 with this guy. LOL!” Hey, we’re glad he enjoys the food he makes. It may not be your ideal cooking method, but at least we know it works. Check out his TikTok channel for more car-cooked food ideas.

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