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Man Makes Tiny Creme Brulee That's Fit for a Doll to Eat

Kids love to pretend. It’s how they view the world during the early years. Daydreaming and make-believe go hand-in-hand. But they also enjoy playing. Playing makes up a large chunk of a young child’s day. There is nothing wrong with it. Kids should be able to let their minds wander. In fact, using their toys to act out events allows kids to learn. They can use learn how to count by using a toy cash register. They might develop a love for cooking through playing in a kitchen center. But kids also enjoy playing with dolls. Sure, we’ve been sticklers for using the term “action figures” for boys. However, we know it’s just a doll with a fancy name.

In a TikTok video, content creator @tinykitchentm shares footage of himself cooking a tiny Crème Brulee. We couldn’t believe our eyes as we watched him work his magic. Where was he when our dolls needed some dessert?

We loved this video because the tiny kitchen made it seem like a little person made the Crème Brulee. We wish our doll house had a working kitchen in it. Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted to this crème brulee. User @💚🍃Bri Avitas🍃💚 exclaimed, “Share with someone special! So cute! Thank you!” @Emery Moser wrote, “Bro, your vids make my day.” @yfh • Friends joked, “I will not share anything with anyone.” @Riley

We’re happy that so many people love the tiny Crème Brulee. We’re not sure we’d make a tiny version of this recipe, but a regular-sized one would be divine. To see more tiny content, visit @tinykitchentm’s TikTok channel. 

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