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Man Makes 'World's Largest Taffy' and We Can't Believe Our Eyes

Many of us tried to beat the Guinness Book of World Records when we were kids. It was fun doing all these weird activities, hoping to beat someone’s record. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to make these attempts known.

TikTok content creator @trendytreat decided to make the World’s Largest Taffy candy piece. The time and effort he put into it are impressive because of the size of the Laffy. Now that's what we call ginormous.

It took him a lot of time to unwrap those Laffy Taffys. Then he was finally able to start the process of shaping them into one massive piece. The melting down process was made easy thanks to the microwave. After melting down all those Laffy Taffys, he had to shape it. Shaping them into one piece didn’t appear to take too long. After he finished, he placed it into a freeze-dryer. The first bite he took looked very satisfying after all his work. We wish we could enjoy a piece of that Laffy with him.

Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted to him. User @LIV/OLIVIA said, “The things you do for us.” @abi exclaimed, “I love you guys so much! Your videos are always so funny and cheer me up! Definitely ordering again soon! Your candy is the best.” @SHY joked, “I feel like it would be like eating floral foam.” @Moonchild wrote, “My bro's face tells it all.” @bronxsgirl94 remarked, “This would be good with Pirates theme song to the wrappers. LOL, I don’t know if you know what I mean, but yea.” @🅂🄰🅁🄰🄷 said, “There were like 15 different emotions.”

We really liked seeing him make the World’s Largest Taffy. We look forward to his next project. If you enjoyed the video and want to see more entertainingly tasty content, visit @trendytreat’s TikTok channel. For more Delishably updates, be sure to follow us on Google News!