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Man Orders 'Perfect' Fish And Chips in London and We're Beyond Envious

When it comes to eating abroad, there are many options for you to discover. Each country and city hold its own hidden food gems. Yet some items have worldwide acclaim. Eclairs and croissants are no longer snacks of the French. Bruschetta and pasta are found all over, so there is no need to travel to Italy unless you want. If you want a more satisfying meal, you’d be wise to find a place that serves Fish and Chips. Fish and Chips is one of the best entrees to come out of England. But we’re certain the quality is superior in its home country.

In a TikTok video, content creator @hungryhugh stopped in London’s Fulham area to eat Fish and Chips. We’re convinced all the best foods to come from other countries because that food looks heavenly. We really need an order to go.

We’re in awe of how perfect his food appears. It doesn’t look greasy or soggy. We’d love to dive into that platter. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted. User @CChughes🤩 suggested, “You need to get fish and chips from the north of England. It is so much better.” @Your Marj said, “There’s no proper fish and chips in London.” @Thomas | SoCal Foodie revealed, “I love eating fish and chips.” @Damarius admitted, “Oh wow, this is local to me. Definitely the best in the area.” @Ryan wrote, “Best chippy in the country!” @n a t h a n asked, “I know the food is amazing but no gloves?” @grantathletics🏀Fish & chips are top-tier food. It legit got me through college when I was in Europe.”

There were mixed comments on where to locate the best Fish and Chips in England. But one thing is sure. Fish and chips are loved by many. If you enjoyed this post, visit @hungryhugh’s TikTok channel. You never know what you might find. 

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