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Man Who Keeps Ordering ‘McDonald’s’ Menu Item That No Longer Exists Is a Legend

Many of us recall going out to eat with our families and friends. One of the places most kids love to visit is Mcdonald's. McDonald’s restaurants offer a meal specifically for kids. Plus, it comes with a prize inside. Talk about a Happy Meal. As time passes, our food options change. Thank goodness Mcdonald's has evolved with us. They’ve offered McRibs, Chicken Selects, and All-Day Breakfast. Sadly, these items are no longer on the menu. But what happens if you can’t accept a menu item being discontinued?

In a series of videos by TikTok content creator @donovenrice53, he’s showing the world his love for a specific no longer available McDonald’s item. Get ready to be entertained and amazed by his consistency. This is one highly determined individual!

Well, @donovenrice53 is definitely a persistent man! This video was recorded on Day 8 of his journey. Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted. Food Tok content creator @liamslunchbox replied, “Mcdonald’s will never be the same without the snack wrap.” User @👍 asked, “Why can’t they just make the darn thing?” @Kas8955 observed, “That’s not a snack wrap. It’s something else. LMAO.” Another commenter remarked, “I laughed so hard at “You got me. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Here’s another video he shared from Day 15. 

Our man is still at it! This time, he wants to show the world one of the workers who is patient with his constant request for a Snack Wrap. User @Kaleb said, “Greatest series on TikTok.” @Westy revealed, “Man done made the news! LOL!” User @rovert37 exclaimed, “LOVE her!! She must join the revolution!” It seems like word has spread about his attempts. Let’s review his most recent video, which is Day 23.

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His diligence may pay off one day! He’s gained invested followers of this series. User @JoshuaGP1776 suggested, “Might be time to switch up which @McDonald’s you go to.” @younglogo97 replied, “Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop!” Let’s hope he continues until Mcdonald’s brings them back because Snack Wraps are still available in Canada, South Korea, and UK McDonald’s restaurants. That doesn’t seem fair to U.S. Snack Wrap lovers.

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