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Man Rates the 'Top Five Worst Donuts' and We Can't Stop Laughing

Donuts are one of the best foods to pair up with coffee. They go together so well it’s impossible to think some people don’t enjoy donuts with their coffee. Well, we’re not one of those people. The more donuts and coffee, the better. However, people are picky about the type of donuts they eat. Yes, we all have our favorites. But your favorite maybe someone’s least favorite. It’s okay because one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

In a TikTok video by content creator @s_johnson_voiceovers, he shares his Top Five Worst Donuts list with us. Now we understand people have different tastes in donuts. However, some of our favorites were on this list. We feel donut shamed by some of his comments.

Yes, the donut shaming was real in this TikTok video. We enjoy powdered donuts, old-fashioned ones, and the Simpsons donut. We don’t care how immature or boring they may be to others. They are scrumptious to us. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers felt about this list. User @Amanda said, “I like plain donuts. I put peanut butter on them.” @Annika Briggs revealed, “The pink with sprinkles is my all-time favorite. LOL.” @makspnana exclaimed, “Maple bars are my favorite!” @SheLuvsQiff❤️ admitted, “This was the first food take you did that I didn’t disagree with any option.” @MCLOVIN✌️ remarked, “WRONG Homer = ELITE.”

We agree with you, @MCLOVIN✌️. It’s a pleasure to buy a donut that reminds you of your favorite childhood cartoon. If you liked this list or disagreed with it, you should visit @s_johnson_voiceovers’ TikTok channel. His content is terrific, and it’ll definitely entertain you.

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