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Man's Reviews a Dirty Soda and Even He's Surprised by the Taste

Did you experiment with your food when you were a kid? Many of us created new snacks, sandwiches, and drinks out of what was sitting around in the kitchen. If you enjoyed doing that as a child, you’d enjoy today’s post.

TikTok content creator @ericwho1 decided to film himself reviewing a Dirty Soda. Don’t let the name of it fool you. Who knew a dirty soda could look so yummy?

Now the name Dirty Soda might give pause to a lot of people. That’s totally understandable. It’s not the most appetizing of food names. But thankfully, he was willing to give it a try. The mixing of Starbucks creamer, a Vintage Cola Olipop, and a splash of lime juice created the magic of a Dirty Soda. It’s light and refreshing but still packs a Cola punch. His reaction was all the proof we needed to convince us to taste-test it.

Even though we loved this video, let’s find out how the TikTok community responded. User @Zen wrote, “I get so excited when you actually LIKE something.” @Yurii said, “I look good.” @ASMR Flower Fairy replied, “I just knew you weren’t going to like you, AND YOU LIKED IT! Ain’t no way. LOL.” @Talib joked, “A drink he REALLY likes, and the ONLY thing Starbucks contributed was its creamer. LAMO.” @Rosy_jasmine said, “Go to Starbucks and ask for a Vanilla bean Frappuccino with Hazelnut. It’s bomb!”

It seems like the Dirty Soda is a success. We’re glad he actually liked it because there is nothing worse than being disappointed in a new beverage. If you enjoyed the video and want more content visit @ericwho1’s TikTok channel. For more Delishably updates, be sure to follow us on Google News!