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Man’s Taste Tests the World’s Hottest Gummy Bear and We Can’t Look Away

Gummy bears are yummy. They’re cute, adorable little candies that stick to your teeth. But they also come in a variety of flavors. They’re similar to jelly beans in their different tastes and colors. But gummy bears have a special likeability that jelly beans don’t possess. We’re not quite sure what makes gummy bears great, but we love them. Even Disney loved them enough to name one of their Saturday morning cartoons after them. 

In a TikTok video by content creator @ramizeinn, he tried the world’s hottest gummy bear called Lil Nitro. To the naked eye, it looks like a harmless red gummy bear. But even small things can pack a punch. We're not brave enough to eat that thing.

Wow! We thought this poor guy’s soul left his body for a moment. The tears and pain looked very real. We can’t imagine how much this must have burned. Let’s see if the TikTok viewers were entertained by his taste test. User @Bob🤝🏈 said, “The honesty.” @lvu_Summer4L asked, “And are you good?” @skimmy7700 joked, “Bro saw Heaven for a second.” @jamieswife wrote, “BRO STARTED HEARING VOICES.” @Trey14264 replied, “How can a gummy bear be spicy?” Last words.” @Baylee said, “I think Vecna got him.” @Super_M.P joked, “Bro found out Victoria’s Secret.” @Voidy remarked, “He will be missed.” 

The comments for this video were hilarious. Everyone had something to say about his hot gummy bear experience. After watching him, we can confidently say we won’t be trying Lil Nitro. But if you want to stay updated on future taste-testing videos, visit @ramizeinn’s TikTok channel. You’ll be highly entertained if you do.

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