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Man Tries ‘Quesadilla Burger’ From Applebee’s and Freaks Out Over One Ingredient

When it comes to Applebee’s, their menu never disappoints. They have you covered whether you’re in the mood for chicken fingers, a salad, or steak. But what about indecisive folks? Sometimes we want a dish that’s different from all the others. One of the tastiest options to try is a combination of two beloved foods.

In a recent TikTok video by the always hilarious @tryguys, Keith and Jared test out a yummy meal from Applebee’s. The Quesadilla Burger offers the best of Americana and Mexican food. Yet things don’t go as planned for Keith. He wasn’t expecting one particular ingredient when he bit into it. Check out the video to see his reaction.

We love to see video with people enjoying their food, though Keith’s reaction is priceless! We’re not sure how it cheesed-up like that. But it did look delicious. People can’t get enough of Keith’s cheese freak out. User @Chloé said, “This Eat the Menu was one of my favorites, the puppet hand!” @Adult Stories With Tori cheered, “I have watched every eat the menu. I can’t get enough!!! To be fair, I watch every Try Guys video I can get my eyes on.” @River remarked, “I feel as filthy as I do at Medieval Times. I’ve never heard a better descriptor. I’m stealing that.”

Well, the comments are positive, and we’re not surprised. The Try Guys bring energy to taste testing food that no one else can replicate. If you enjoyed their shenanigans, check out their TikTok channel @tryguys. But make sure you aren’t eating, or you might choke from laughter.

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