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Man's Reaction to Trying 'McDonald's' in France Is Everything We Hoped for and More

Do you like McDonald’s? Well, we sure do. Going to McDonald’s is an American pastime. People recognize those golden arches whenever they see them. That’s because McDonald’s has been around for decades with no end in sight. But not all McDonald’s restaurants are equal. Some are large, while others are found inside large buildings among other businesses. Plus, McDonald’s restaurants abroad are known to have better menu options than here in the states.

In a TikTok video, content creator @how.kev.eats he shares what he bought at a McDonald’s in France. We’re glad he chose to focus on items only available in France. We’re positive that some menu items will be better than the American options. The French just do food better than anyone.

Wow, those fries with the curry sauce looked amazing! Yes, we love our American French Fries. But the fries at the French McDonald’s appear to be thicker and fresher. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted to part one of this taste test. User @Dakiddan wrote, “Love the international content Kev.” @Ana Sofia Fehn replied, “The wasabi dance.” @Tiara Williams remarked, “Your reactions are so hilarious.” @Dustin Thorp revealed, “McDonald's in any other country is 10000000× better than any one single McDonald's in the US.” Let’s check out part two.

We appreciate his honesty. No one wants to watch a review where someone doesn’t say if the food sucks. We knew not all the menu items would be phenomenal. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted. User @upsadaisy0 wrote, “Macaroons are coconut cookies. You had a macaron. Mac A Ron.” @DeeOnTV 📺🤣🔥 said, “The sauces look good, though.” @Kietje Mangal suggested, “While you are there, please try the chicken nuggets with the curry sauce. It’s my fav!” That does sound yummy, @DeeOnTV 📺🤣🔥. We’ll give it a try when we visit France. To stay up to date on new content, visit @how.kev.eats. 

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