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Man's Hack for Perfectly Crispy Bacon Has People Talking

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If there’s one sweet meat that is tough to give up, it’s got to be bacon. Bacon is delicious. It’s crispy and goes well with many foods. You can sprinkle it onto a salad. But it also tastes great on sandwiches. Of course, many people cook it to accompany breakfast foods like eggs, pancakes, or toast. Honestly, we’re down to eat bacon with anything, especially if it’s dipped in chocolate. Yet, cooking bacon can be tricky. It’s not easy to get it perfectly crispy, but there is a man who says his hack will do it.

A TikTok video by content creator @noflakeysalt shows us the steps to getting your bacon right. His explanation of bacon’s muscle and fat composition is helpful. We understand why certain parts of bacon cook faster than others. His hack is valuable for making bacon. It comes out perfect every time!

Water really is the cure for everything! Now we understand some of you may not want to turn your stove heat down to boil your bacon. But if the result is yummy, crispy bacon, why not try it? Let’s see how the TikTok community feels because we’re excited. User @GateNerd wrote, “Makes sense and appears to work quite well. Good idea.” @Mab3r replied, “Can’t hurt to try it. I’ve noticed a quality issue with bacon lately, and this might help!” @LClark remarked, “I'm going to try this! Thank you!” @Louie said, “I tried it, and it worked.”

Thanks, @LClark. We’re sold on the idea. If you want more delicious food videos and hacks to improve your cooking, visit @noflakeysalt’s TikTok channel. It’s full of content that keeps your eyes open wide.