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Man's Reaction to Prison Food Around the World Scares Us Straight

We all know that prison isn’t the easiest place to be. You’re surrounded by people that committed horrendous crimes. But have you ever wondered what prison inmates eat? You’re about to find out.

In a TikTok content creator @theinterestingfy compared photos of prison food from the U.S. and Mexico. His reaction is valid. We're glad we're not in prison.

We know that prison isn’t meant to comfort people. It’s supposed to help rehabilitate inmates. We won’t get into how the prison system needs a major overhaul. But the food could be a bit better. Just because someone is serving time doesn’t mean they don’t deserve edible food. We’re positive prison food varies by location. It doesn’t mean they’re eating good-tasting meals.

Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted to this revealing video. User @Torie Sylvia wrote, “You guys should see Kenyan prison food. I would rather be jailed in USA and Mexico. LOL.” @ibrahim joked, “Prison food looks better than school lunch.” @Jerry Jones disclosed, “I've been in prison. The food for us, the USA, is a lie.” @Abdula Waseem said, “Here in the Philippines, it’s Goat food.” @Fatbirdterence revealed, “In Romania, we have bread and milk. Sometimes, if we get lucky, we get one apple or some biscuits.” @Donco said, “All the Germans saying ‘Mexican prison food looks better then what I get.’” @DarkRomaneo is DarkRomaneo wrote, “Prison food in the USA is better than school food in Slovakia.”

There are many discrepancies among TikTok viewers. Many feel the pictures do not accurately portray prison food in the states. Let’s hope what the inmates are served is better and not worse than what is pictured. To stay updated on new content, visit @theinterestingfy’s TikTok channel. You never know what you’ll find.