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Man's Reaction to Being Pranked by Friend at Restaurant Is Priceless

Do you ever watch those shows that prank people? They are a lot of fun to watch since you’re not the one being pranked. But pranks can be funny if done the right way.

In a TikTok video, content creator @topperguild shared footage of his way on a fellow restaurant customer. The prank was cool to watch because it was gradual. We can't believe he didn't notice sooner.

The guys sitting at the table having a conversation were oblivious to what was going on. But we can’t help but wonder why his friend didn’t say something to him. Perhaps he was in on the prank the entire time. Whatever the case, this prank was funny. No one was harmed in any way. We’re glad he didn’t sip off of his straw after the guy drank his water. However, he did get the last laugh. The prankster never saw that glass of water coming. It was the perfect way to end the clip.

We enjoyed watching this video because it was funny. Let’s see if the TikTok community liked it too. User @topperguild1232 said, “The guy in the back.” @Kyrie Irving 11 wrote, “I’m literally dying.” @Lucas admitted, “I love his face from the middle one.” @EY Yy replied, “Yea, yea. It was right in front of him, but yea, he didn’t see it.” @topperguild1232 wrote, “His face when the water was gone.”

This video is officially a hit. People responded well to this wholesome prank. If you liked it and want to see, more videos visit @topperguild’s TikTok channel. It’s full of entertaining content you have to see to believe. For more Delishably updates, be sure to follow us on Google News!