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Man’s Reaction To Woman Eating Chicken Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen Today

Fried chicken is one of the yummiest comfort foods around. It’s crispy and crunchy. Plus, the meat inside is warm and tender. Everything else seems to disappear when you’re in the fried chicken eating zone. You’ve become one with the chicken. That’s why it’s not surprising when you come up from your plate and realize all the food is gone. It’s gone inside your mouth and down to your stomach. But you were too hypnotized to notice.

In a TikTok video by content creator @shabazsays, he hilariously reacts to a video of a woman eating a piece of fried chicken. He’s blown away by the magic he saw take place. But he’s not alone in feeling bewildered. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

His facial expressions and comments make this video a winner. He’s naturally funny. We can’t blame him for being mesmerized by her chicken-eating skills. Let’s see how the TikTok community felt about it. User @Deb said, “Your videos make my day. I literally laugh out loud!” @Rara wrote, “I beg your pardon, where did the chicken go.” I can see this becoming a meme.” @hclaireg exclaimed, “What kind of Harry Potter nonsense is this?!” Omg, I’m howling! You cheer me up so much!” @danilovesanimals said, “Means it’s cooked to perfection when it’s falling off the bone.” @Sandra Turei disclosed, “If you ain't eating wings like this in 2022, you ain't lived. LOL.”

Yes, many of us haven’t lived, according to @Sandra Turei. But that’s okay. There is a first time for everything. However, many of us like to pick apart our chicken, so her method won’t work for us. If you enjoyed the comedic styling of this video, please visit @shabazsays’ TikTok channel. You’ll be laughing all day.

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