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Man's Hack for the 'Best Summer Corn on the Cob' Is Pretty Unconventional

There’s nothing like taking that first bite into a corn on the cob. Corn is already a sweet and tasty side for any BBQ plate. But when you jazz it up, the flavor levels up. Depending on your cooking situation, you may want to boil the corn or place it in the oven to cook. It’ll still turn out well if it is adequately seasoned. However, if you can grill it, your mouth will thank you. 

In a TikTok video by content creator @pistol2214, he shares his hack for making the best summer corn on the cob. We like what he’s doing to his corn and expect it to taste fantastic. We never would've thought to make corn this way.

Corn is usually naturally sweet. But the use of honey and sugar will turn it into candy corn. Thankfully the addition of Old Bay should help balance out the sweetness. The result is a grilled to perfection corn cob we want to try. Let’s see if the TikTok community liked this hack. User @Luke McFadden wrote, “That looks so good.” @Jenny said, “Definitely gonna try. Usually, only butter is needed here in Wisconsin.” @Ken Sam said, “Sounds great. Not sure why there are many haters, but I’m going to try it.”

Yes, people were offering what they do to corn on the cob. User @user7343138399802 said, “Next time, wrap a piece of bacon around the corn. Then sprinkle Old Bay and grill.” @joshking1115 joked, “Dang, I just grill em off the corn stock. Add salt and pepper, and that's it. I can't afford this fancy corn. LOL.” If you’re like @joshking1115, this hack might be perfect for you. It never hurts to try something new. To learn more about food hacks, check out @pistol2214’s TikTok channel.