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Man's Attempt to Take a Taste of a Chocolate Fountain Results in an Epic Fail

Have you ever been to a buffet? If you have, you understand the excitement of seeing so many types of food in one room. It’s exhilarating for us. We’re sure it’s the same for you. Buffets have a variety of foods ranging from sushi to pasta and a little bit of everything in between. But of course, no buffet would be complete without desserts. Dessert is such a divine word. We fall to pieces when we hear it. You've been blessed if you’ve been fortunate to visit a buffet with a chocolate fountain.

In a TikTok video by content creator @1activeadventure, a guy decides to shoot his shot with a chocolate fountain. What happened next was very unexpected and a bit gross. We might skip the chocolate fountain from now on.

We can’t unsee what happened in the video. If we were in the room, we’d probably ask someone to remove the fountain. It’s not hygienic for hair to get into a chocolate fountain. The idea makes our gag reflexes flare up. Let’s see if the TikTok community was put-off by his epic fail. User @Chris van Biljon joked, “Man's hair got a taste before he did.” @G said, “When you don't think before you act.” @Jonas revealed, “This is why I never eat from any buffet.” @superkiwibeans remarked, “That is disgusting, selfish, and disrespectful to the other customers and staff.”

Yes, people were a bit outraged by this guy’s actions. We completely understand. We wouldn’t want to use the chocolate fountain after him, either. But we hope he learned his lesson. If you enjoyed this video, visit @1activeadventure’s TikTok channel for more exciting content.

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