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Man's $2 'Dollar Store' Dinner Is a Budget-Friendly Lifesaver

We know the cost of living has increased throughout the country. Actually, the cost of living is a global issue. Basic necessities like clothing, housing, and groceries have all increased. Yet the wages companies are willing to pay don’t always reflect this increase. Hence the Great Resignation that’s continuing to go on. But what are you to do when you need things like food and water? Look for the best deals around.

In a TikTok video, content creator @hasaneats shares the $2.00 dinner he purchased at the dollar store. Yes, dollar stores do sell food items. You’d be surprised at some hidden gems in a dollar store. We’re impressed with his $2.00 dinner. Now that's a good-looking meal on a budget.

We’re big fans of pasta! So, we’d have no issue with making pasta Alfredo from the dollar store. The Texas Toast was a fabulous addition to this meal. We’ll give it a 10 out of 10. Let’s see if the TikTok viewers are fans of this budget-friendly dinner. User @. said, “That Texas Toast smacks.” @Western Raccoon replied, “I have that bread, and it's BUSSIN.” @Nicole remarked, “That Alfredo is elite.” It seems people are fans of this dinner idea. They’re also offering ways to improve it.

User @lupita revealed, “The Knorr broccoli cheddar mac and cheese smacks.” @Danny Le suggested, “You could buy a box of pasta for $1 and alfredo sauce for $2 and make like four servings with each bottle of sauce. A $1.00 box of pasta still bussing, though.” @bc85 revealed, “You can get the pasta stuff at Aldi for less than a dollar.” These are all helpful tips, and we appreciate them. If you enjoyed this video as we did, please visit @hasaneats’ TikTok channel. You never know what you might learn.