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Man's Vegan Bahn Mi Has Us Waving Goodbye To Meat

Have you ever gone into a deli and been flabbergasted by the selection of menu options? Yes, it’s happened to us too. But we think we’ve found the solution to your sandwich woes.

TikTok content creator @owen.han shared footage of himself making a vegan Bahn Mi. If you’re unfamiliar with Bahn Mi’s, they are Vietnamese sandwiches. They look amazing. You'll never notice it's a vegan sandwich.

In the video, we’re welcomed by the finished Bahn Mi, and we’re already hungry. The sound of the bread as he takes a bite tells us it’s crispy. So, of course, got to learn how to make one for ourselves. We loved watching him slice the bread and tofu. However, the addition of carrots, hoisin sauce, cucumber, and toasted tofu really sent our hunger into overdrive. We couldn’t get enough of this video. The sounds and sights work so well together.

We loved the Vegan Bahn Mi video. But how did the TikTok viewers feel? Let’s find out now. Content Creator @PETA said, “That crunch is just too good.” @foodwithmichel replied, “But I want one too.” @cree wrote, “Every cookin video has one same sound.” @raindroplily6 shared, “Always down for the Bahn Mi.” @Andrew Dustin Vargas exclaimed, “The king of sandwiches!” @Batool Ali remarked, “So simple yet so good.” @svalecha revealed, “MY DREAM COME TRUE.” @John Taylor Krizthof said, “Wow, cool! Where can I to get this bread?”

Yes, the bread was everything to us too. @owen.han responded in a comment and said the bread came from Whole Foods. If you enjoyed this delicious video and want more content visit @owen.han’s TikTok channel. You’ll be thankful you did.

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