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Man Drops a Major 'F-Bomb' While Ordering Dinner and Server's Reaction Is Totally Epic

When you go out for dinner, it's common courtesy to be polite to the servers, given how hard they work. They deserve the utmost respect, and you should always be kind, polite, and, of course, careful about your choice of words when speaking with them. Swear words = completely unacceptable, right?

Maybe. Maybe not. At a restaurant called Maple & Ash in Chicago, apparently, using expletives while placing your order is not only acceptable, but it's encouraged. Yes, we said encouraged. A new TikTok video shared by @jenevaroseauthor is going viral with over 5 million views, all thanks to one couple's experience at the steakhouse. In the clip, you'll see the server come to the table to take their order. She says, "How are we doing with the menu this evening?" And that's when the dude at the table says, "Actually, I don't give a f***." Yes, for real. What happens next is totally epic.

LOL. "Fantastic." OMG. This video is FANTASTIC! Who else is about to book a plane ticket to Chicago, stat, (assuming you don't live there) to have dinner at Maple & Ash? This is seriously one of the best things we've ever seen in the history of restaurant dining. 

While some people can't get over the $200 price tag for the "I Don't Give a F***" experience, not surprisingly, other TikTok users are eating up this video. (No pun intended.) @AndryDiaz476 said, "Hilarious! Would love to see what they brought out." (We would, too!) Another commenter, @Eric added, "Fantastic… Perfect… This waitress is made for this job 😂." One user also said what a lot of us are thinking: "Now, this is my kind of restaurant. I need to go! 😂"

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The server, Sarah, even joined the party and let the couple know how much she enjoyed meeting them. She said, "I had so much fun taking care of you both last night! Congrats on the book tour and all your success ❤️." The video creator also sent a special thank you to her in the comments, saying, "Shoutout to @Sarahdvs for her impeccable service & fantastic sense of humor! You can visit her at Maple & Ash in Chicago! 💃🏼👏🏻" 

Look out, Sarah. You have a whole new slew of fans who are lining up to sit in your section.

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