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If You're Looking to Seal THE Engagement Deal, Make 'Marry Me Chicken'

The way to a person’s heart is indeed through their stomach. The latest savory creation by TikTok user @cookinginthemidwest would make anyone say, “I do.” While a relationship built to last must include love, loyalty, and trust. Dining on a delectable dish brings people closer.

If you’re a fan of chicken, this recipe offers a simple yet affordable technique to shake things up. Wedded bliss is just a few ingredients away.

As you can see, this recipe is quick and easy. Plus, you can follow along with the video as you cook. However, some folks were confused about how long to cook each side. Like @christinematha wrote, “I came to the comments because I heard 45 and thought NO WAY.” Not to mention @AngieB said, “Cooked it for 45 minutes each side I am now twice divorced 😬.” But don’t worry. @cookinginthemidwest clarified in the comments that it’s only 4-5 minutes.

Thankfully, people love this video and looking forward to using it. @user9343975884653 replied, “I’m definitely going to be trying this, looks amazing.” 

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However, not everyone plans to use this recipe for popping the question. User @LoofahDoo said, “Is there an 'I want a divorce' chicken? Because I'd be down for that.” 

But hey, to each their own. Perhaps the power of the Marry Me Chicken will make @LoofahDoo reconsider.

So, if you’re hungry and want to spread the love, try this recipe tonight. It may prompt a life-changing question.

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