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Woman's 'Marry Me Tart' Promises to Impress Everyone Who Tries It

Everyone loves a delicious dessert, but unfortunately, not everyone has faith in their own baking abilities. This one TikTok recipe is going viral, and it's perfect for those who want to make their own dessert but don't have any baking experience.

TikTok content creator @miss_alexabel shared her recipe for what she calls the Marry Me Tart for its deliciousness and simplicity. She claims it is good enough to guarantee you a three carat ring after your partner has a taste of this dessert. The filling has only four ingredients and is topped with an assortment of fresh berries. Watch the video for the full instructions and see how easy it is to pull off!

Wow, our mouths are watering! This seems easy enough to whip up in a few minutes, and we plan on picking up the ingredients later to test it out ourselves.

The TikTok users in the comments are super excited to try out this recipe as well! @itslexgoodman said, "I want to make this ASAP!" and @jessnm678 said, "A fancy fruit pizza! We love!" One user, however, is biding her time with this recipe. @lauryn2k20 commented, "Definitely saving this for the right moment haha." Keep that recipe in your back pocket for when you have someone that you want to get a three carat ring from!

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Several others commented ideas for additional steps in the recipe. @exclusively_chloe suggested adding lemon zest and some mint sprigs, while @brynnnicole8 recommended using sliced strawberries and kiwi instead of assorted berries. All of these suggestions sound great!

Be sure to let us know if you get engaged through the power of this tart!

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