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Martha Stewart's Hack for Removing Lobster Tail Meat Is Just Brilliant

When was the last time you ate lobster? Okay, so maybe it’s been so long you don’t remember. We get it. Lobster is expensive whether you eat it at a restaurant or cook it at home. But if you’re the type of person to treat yourself to lobster, this post is for you. Lobster has a very unique flavor. We can all agree that butter, garlic, and lemon bring out the taste. However, when you’re eating lobster, things can get messy. You might struggle to get all the meat out of the tail. We’ve got the solution to your lobster-eating needs.

In a TikTok video, Martha Stewart (@marthastewart) shares her tip for removing all the meat from a lobster tail. We know what you’re thinking. Just break open the tail. Yes, that does work, but her technique is a bit smoother. It all comes out in one piece!

We were shook after watching Martha finesse her lobster meat out of the tail during the first attempt. We love how she stuck with it and got it out of there without breaking the tail. Let’s see if the TikTok community enjoyed it. User @Wade Lori Noullet joked, “Martha looks like she’s been hanging with Snoop a little too much that day. LOL.” @Panini Madness revealed, “I don’t even eat lobster, but I’ll let @marthastewart teach me anything.” @RachelIf I could afford lobster, I’d for sure put this to good use. Love ya, Martha!” @Santa Claus 🎅🏻 ✨❄️ replied, “Nicely done.” @Urdaddysus exclaimed, “I love you, Marthaaa!”

We love you too, Martha, and we appreciate you sharing your lobster meat removal technique. If you want more pearls of wisdom, visit @marthastewart’s TikTok channel. Her content never disappoints.

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