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McDonald's' Corporate Chef Makes A 'Big Mac' Salad And We Have to Have It

When it comes to McDonald’s, they’re not known for being the healthiest food chain. They’ve come under fire over the years. But thankfully, they have taken steps toward creating more nutritious menu options. However, there is a food item that’s missing from their menu. When was the last time anyone asked for a McDonald’s salad? Probably never since McDonald’s in the states doesn’t offer them anymore. But that doesn’t mean they won’t return someday.

In a TikTok video by the McDonald’s Corporation @mcdonalds_corp, one of their corporate chefs creates a Big Mac Salad. It wasn’t what we expected. We were pleasantly surprised by it. That's the best salad we've seen today.

Okay, we rarely nitpick the recipes we watch. However, our biggest issue is that he didn’t cut up the Big Mac patties and toss them into the salad. That one step would have made the salad look better. But what he used to make the salad looks delicious, and we’d gladly eat one. Let’s see how the TikTok community felt. User @anakin suggested, “Dice the pickles, rough chop the beef. Nice salad bowl. Maybe a few croutons and sliced mozzarella for presentation. Boom.” @💀 wrote, “Put this on the menu.” @Scone said, “You should cut the beef into small chunks.” @Java House replied, “Big Mac and salad are not something I thought I'd hear today. LOL.”

Yes, it surprised us to hear the words Big Mac Salad. But we’re happy we got to see it for ourselves. We hope this makes it to the menu one because they seem interested in it. If you liked the video and want to stay updated on all things McDonald’s, visit @mcdonalds_corp’s TikTok channel.

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