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Man Makes Cakes That Look Like ‘McDonald’s’ Food and People Can’t Believe It

We all love cakes. They are tasty and usually put on a smile on your face. But have you ever seen those cakes in competitions? My goodness, some of those are absolute works of art. We marvel at those cakes because they take talent and time. Thanks to social media, many bakers and cake decorating artists have a platform to share their work. We’ve got the perfect video for you if you enjoy cakes on display.

In a TikTok video by content creator @thejonnycakes, he challenges us to play Sherlock Holmes and figure out which item is cake and which is a McDonald’s breakfast item. We admit it’s more challenging than it seems. These cakes seriously look like the real deal.

Okay, we didn’t expect ALL of the items to be cake! Kudos to @thejonnycakes for his accurate cakes. Let’s see if the TikTok viewers were easily tricked like us. User @Hi revealed, “I only thought the cup was cake. LOL.” @marlene (Taylor's version) said, “I actually guessed all!” @Mimo replied, “Amazing, my friend.” @Micaela Cruz remarked, “You are sooo talented!” User @\☆/ disclosed, “Everything looked too real, so I thought the plate was cake.” @Ivy joked, “The laugh at the enddddd! LOL!” @Wasababi said, “McLovin it.”

We’re McLovin it, too, @Wasababi. The cakes look impeccable, and there’s no doubt they also taste terrific. If you liked this cake guessing game, please check out @thejonnycakes’ TikTok channel. There are plenty of questionable-looking cakes to trip up your skills of deduction. But hey, at least they’re edible.

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