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McDonald's' Orange Creamsicle Float Hack Has People Shook

McDonald’s continues to provide reliable and affordable fast food service. If you’re on the go or don’t feel like packing a lunch visiting a McDonald’s is a good option. However, the price of fast food has increased just like everything else. Thankfully most fast food restaurants like McDonald’s provide a menu with inexpensive options for $.99 or $1.00. If you only want something sweet, McDonald’s has you covered too.

TikTok content creator @mizzerybelltiktok filmed her visit to McDonald’s to test out a yummy hack. She was aware of the people looking at her, but that didn’t matter. She needed to find out if this sweet hack works. She was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. This looks too good to be true.

We need a large one of those right now! Ooh, it looks so inviting. Plus, it won’t cost you much. Who doesn’t love an inexpensive hack that’s delicious? We’re on board but are the TikTok viewers impressed? User @ramirez49f said, “I need to try this ASAP.” @LASVEGAS MIMI exclaimed, “Wow! I Need Now!” @LasVegasFill replied, “Sounds awesome.” @Sandy Gonzalez remarked, “I do orange soda and ice cream, and it’s soooooooooo good.” @Someone said, “Omg, I need to try it. That looks so good.” @Wang asked, “Why didn’t I get this video when I was working there?”

We’re not sure, @Wang, but this is a sign that it’s never too late to visit a McDonald’s. The orange creamsicle float really caught our eyes. It’s on our list of things to try next. If you liked this hack, please visit @mizzerybelltiktok’s for more food content that’ll change your life.