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Woman's Incredible 'McDonald's Egg McMuffin' Hack Levels Up Fast-Food Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the best meals of the day. You can eat practically anything for breakfast. If you enjoy cereal, there is a flavor for every day of the week. Perhaps fruit or smoothies are your things. No worries because you can make a different smoothie to suit your needs. When time is limited, but you still want a meal, fast food restaurants have you covered.

In a TikTok video by content creator @corkyyates, she shares her McDonald’s breakfast with us. However, this meal is about to get an upgrade. She decides to get creative and switch up her sausage egg McMuffin. We'll never look at drive-thru breakfast the same way again.

Putting your hash brown on your sausage egg McMuffin is a great idea. Not only does it save you time, but it’ll make the sandwich fuller. Let’s see if any TikTok viewers had the same idea. User @Vicmeister3 said, “I’ve been doing this. I’m also the same person who sticks fries in the burger as well.” @ Mr.Steve.O replied, “I literally been doing this for 30+ years.” @bdh071 disclosed, “I won’t lie; TikTok taught me this.” @Donna Elaine McEwing exclaimed, “Whaaaaat! I will try that in the morning.” @Shea vanos admitted, “WOWWW, I have definitely never thought of this wowww.”

Sometimes the best ideas come out of necessity. Other times it comes out of playing around. But it doesn’t matter what prompted you to try it. The result is delicious. If you enjoyed this video, please visit @corkyyates’ TikTok channel. It’s full of entertaining content to get you through the day.