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Man's Special 'Mystery Bag' From 'McDonald's' Has People Intrigued

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The man with the never-ending love for snack wraps continues his quest to get them back in U.S. McDonald’s restaurants. Wraps are still available in many other countries. But we aren’t sure why they haven’t returned to the states. Perhaps people weren’t buying them often. Maybe McDonald’s wanted to switch up their U.S. menus. We’re not sure. All we know is that some people want the Snack Wraps to come back. They won’t stop until it happens.

In a TikTok video by content creator @donovenrice53, he makes his 33rd visit to a local McDonald’s restaurant to order a snack wrap. They aren’t on the menu, but he’s hoping one day they will fulfill his wish and make him one. But he doesn’t leave McDonald’s empty-handed. Instead, the drive-thru worker offers him a Mystery Bag. We've never heard of these before!

Okay, I want a Mystery Bag now! That’s really cool of them to give you a Super McChicken, apple fritter, and a sweet tea! Sure, we would have loved a surprise snack wrap, but this was a tasty treat too. How does the TikTok community feel? User @Treasure's Life wrote, “They saw how much you loved Arbys and had to step up the game this time. LOL.” @Crystal Lamb remarked, “Love the mystery box.” @mchang15 said, “They gon make you a Super McChicken and not a Snack Wrap?”

Haha. Yes, @mchang15, a Snack Wrap in a Mystery Bag would be epic. Perhaps it’ll happen one day. But we’re enjoying this journey to get his Snack Wrap. To stay updated on his progress, please visit his TikTok channel, donovenrice53.