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McDonald’s Owner Shows Off New ‘McFlurry’ Flavor and Reveals a Secret in the Process

McDonald’s offers a variety of foods fit for families and friends on the go. Many of these favorites have been around for several decades. Others come and go with the change of seasons. Still, some stick around but receive an updated twist. If you’re a fan of McDonald’s desserts, you’ve probably eaten a McFlurry. It’s a thick ice cream dessert that combines a milkshake and sundae into one unique treat.

In a TikTok video by user @stephen.patula, the owner of a McDonald’s showed off a new McFlurry flavor before it’s released to all the restaurants. This video shows the new flavor and reveals a secret used to create the McFlurry. People are pretty blown away by what he shared. You don’t want to miss it!

We don’t know about you, but we didn’t realize that straw-looking thing was actually a spoon used to blend the McFlurry. We learned something new today! But what about other TikTok viewers? Are they as shocked as we were about the revelation? User @Andrew disclosed, “I was today years old when I learned why the spoon looks like that!” Another commenter exclaimed, “YOU BLEND WITH THE SPOON!” @Popodil revealed, “I really miss those spoons, only have wooden ones in the Netherlands.” @Joe remarked, “OH MY GOD. THAT IS WHY THE SPOON IS LIKE THAT. I remember the first time I ever had one of those. I thought it was a straw. LOL.”

We’re glad to see we aren’t the only ones amazed by this information. But is anyone excited for the new flavor to drop? User @Emgthedumbqueen replied, “You had me at chocolate-covered pretzels. I’m getting this before they stop selling it.” Yes, we’re getting one of those new McFlurries before they’re gone. It looks too good to miss.