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Woman Tries 'McDonald's' Hack That's Taking Over TikTok and We Aren't Sure How to Feel

We all live in a world where fast food is everywhere. You probably can’t go more than five miles without going past a fast-food restaurant. Hey, we feel you. But fast food serves the purpose of providing food for people on the go. Whether you choose to buy it or not is your choice. But for those who crave a burger, nuggets, or fries from McDonald’s, we’ll continue to go there. In fact, we don’t mind going to McDonald’s and have an interesting hack to share.

In a TikTok video, content creator @ashlovescondiments shares a McDonald’s nugget hack. We’re not sure everyone will be on board with this hack. This one could go either way.

Well, the hack is interesting. If you’re a pickle lover, this might work for you. But for those that aren’t jazzed about eating nuggets with pickles, you’ll probably want to pass on this one. Let’s see what the TikTok viewers said. User @Moriah 🌸 replied, “Why do the Nuggets look so good though mine never look like that?” @alexa and thomas🍓 remarked, “When I worked there, I would just straight up eat the pickles.” @Aerial Sickness replied, “Why am I salivating over this?” @Jewel exclaimed, “I love pickles with nuggets! But BIG MAC SAUCE! Game changer! Lunch today!” @Marlene O'Donnell Wi revealed, “That's not what the chicken nuggets look like in Massachusetts.”

We’re sorry to hear your nuggets don’t look that good in your state, but hopefully, they taste good. If you enjoyed this video and want more content, visit @ashlovescondiments’ TikTok channel. You’ll find entertaining and helpful videos.