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Video of 'McDonald's' in Roswell, New Mexico Is Totally Out of This World

Most of us are familiar with Roswell, New Mexico. It’s home to the famous Area 51. Fascination with Area 51 and UFOs has been around for decades. Thanks to Area 51, we got terrific tv shows like the X-Files. But Roswell is more than the place for urban legends. It’s also home to a neat-looking McDonald’s restaurant. Yes, there are McDonald’s restaurants all over the world. Some are more unique than others. In the case of Roswell McDonald’s, the vibe is out of this world.

In a TikTok video by content creator @because.its.selena, we see a nighttime glimpse of the Roswell McDonald’s exterior. They really went all out with the theme for this one.

That’s a fantastic McDonald’s! Why couldn’t more McDonald’s look like that one? Let’s see how the TikTok viewers feel about it. User @Fabian said, “I need to go there.” @Darla Walsh wrote, “Took my son there last year. It’s pretty cool.” @T revealed, “I’ve seen it in person. Roswell is a cool city.” @bulldog 2020 joked, “Just in case the aliens come for fast food, they will feel welcomed. LMAO.” Very true, @bulldog 2020. Let’s look at the restaurant’s interior courtesy of content creator @jasonroygaston.

The inside is made for kids! They love being able to play and eat yummy food. Let’s see how TikTok responded. User @Linc Raabe said, “The best thing about adulthood is doing the things you missed as a kid. Because you wanna.” @Julie Young replied, “How cool! I had never seen that one before!” @WhiteCatQueen exclaimed, “Yessss! I've been there!” You’re very fortunate if you’ve been to the Roswell McDonald’s. It’s definitely on our list. If you enjoyed this post, please visit @because.its.selena and @jasonroygaston’s TikTok channels.